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  Semi-classical and Devotional Music pursuance .  
Even during the full flourish of the light music track, Madhu did not leave his passion of learning classical music and its application in music direction. .
He is the primary music director and singer for Nemili Bala Peetam, at Nemili a small temple village in Tamil Nadu. He has done music direction and sung over thousands of songs for this temple since 1994 and it continues till date. He was blessed with the prestigious BALA RATHNA award given by Nemili Shri Ezhilmani, and Nemili Shri Babaji, noted poets of the century in Tamil language. .
Madhu is performing in many temples across Tamil Nadu on auspicious days since 2016. This is mainly to spread devotion and culture among the youngsters and as a service to the society. .
  Cine appearance .  
Indian tinsel industry is one of the most famous globally with millions of people performing and working in every aspect of it. Kollywood, the film industry of Tamil Nadu, is considered to be second best next to the Bollywood, the Mumbai film industry. .
Madhu has tuned the songs and scored rerecording music for a Tamil feature film “Thiruvakkarai Vakkira Kali Amman” in 2003. The songs were good hit at that time. .
He sang a duet song in the Tamil feature film “Naalu policeum Nalla Irundha Oorum” in the year 2015. .
  As a teacher .  
He is the semi-classical vocal teacher in an institute called “Rajini’s Preludes” since Jan 2017 in Chennai, India. .
He is taking classes for kids and adults across the globe through Skype on Indian classical music and also personally in Chennai in his residence. .
  Canada visit in 2019 and Canada plans .  
Madhu went to Canada in April 2019 to visit his relatives there. During his short stay of five months there, he could sense that there are lots of cultural activities and musical links in Canada that resemble India. .
he had the opportunity to perform with a music band called Canada Super leads Academy as a full-fledged singer .
he also sang in a agrand Hindi music show conducted in the name of “Geetgaathaachal” on Sep’14 2019. .
he was able to sing in few temples in Canada which was received well by the local public during weekends. .
As the whole world is aware, India is quite rich in its arts and culture that has spread across the globe including Canada among the considerable population of Indians, Sri Lankans and other South East Asian population there. .
Since then, he is being asked by many parents and musical lovers in Canada to teach Indian classical music to their kids or to them even. This has made Madhu to think how he could become one of the cultural bridges between India and Canada. .
He has plans to become a music teacher in Canada to teach Indian classical music there and also tune / score variety of songs, melodies and choirs for creating harmony among kids and youngsters. .
He has plans to perform as a singer and as a harmonium player in the music bands across Canada to spread the cultural fever across. .
He has plans to perform in the temples of Canada on auspicious days and weekends to make the evenings musical and divine to visitors. .
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